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There is a distant thunder, and there´s the hint of a roar
There´s that feeling of excitement, waving through the air
You know you came to see a game, you came to see the Wolves
There´s nothing better you could do, so come on!

Ooooh ho ho! And here it is, the spirit of the Wolves
Ooooh ho ho! And we will win one more!
Ooooh ho ho! And you can feel, the spirit of the Wolves
Ooooh ho ho! And we will fight once more!

We stand together as a team, we stand together on the ice
We´re playing hard but always fair, Oh Yeah?
We will be fighting to the end, until the whistle´s final blow,
And just to make it really clear – WE WILL WIN!

Ooooh ho ho! We raise our glasses to the Wolves

Sport Eishockey
Heimatstadt Sankt Bartholomä
Liga NHL Graz
Teammitglieder 31 (Spielerliste)
Thomas, Profilbild

Bin nicht da, gibts keinen Alternativtermin?

Thomas, Profilbild

Ich bin leider auch nicht da.

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